Learn To Skate


Learn to Skate USA is……

  • A goal-oriented program that provides incentive and encouragement to keep skaters motivated
  • A personalized approach that allows skaters to progress at their own rate and advance after skill mastery is demonstrated
  • A curriculum that offers something for everyone — from the first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques
  • Solid skill development based on the ABCs of basic athleticism — Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed
  • A progressive system that, upon completion of the program, allows skaters to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating



Designed for kids under six to build confidence while learning to skate incorporating fun & games. Making class time an enjoyable experience for all.


Basic Skills 1-6

Designed for kids seven & older. These lessons put the FUN in fundamentals as your skaters enjoy learning to basic of skating.



The adult curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. The program will help promote physical fitness & improve balance and coordination while teaching proper techniques.



In the hockey program, skaters learn how to be proficient and agile on the ice. Designed to teach proper techniques for the game of hockey. All elements are taught with out a puck. Learning basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend and other necessary fundamentals to be successful. Skaters must be passed Snowplow Sam 4 or Basic 2 before starting the hockey curriculum.

Power Skating

For hockey players looking to improve on skating techniques and increasing power.